My Sincerest Gratitude

            Thank You

Hello & Happy August Friends,

We hope you are enjoying your summer and having fun. Welcome to all our new customers and newsletter followers. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for supporting our woman owned small business and were so excited that our customers opted to use our birthday discount last month. We so appreciate your business!

We here at Perfect Selection Creative Gifts are hard at work designing and customizing gift baskets, gifts, and different containers for all your gift giving needs. Below you can see some of the great gifts some of the businesses are sending as a Business Thank You. We do all the leg work for you so that you can relax and make lasting impressions on your business clients.

Our staff is working on fall gifts as well so be sure to check out our website from time to time at We are making beautiful wreaths daily, light blocks and a variety of beautifully designed gifts so come check us out here!   Also feel free to join us on social media links below. 

Perfect Selection Creative Gifts is Not affliated with any company it is a sole proprietorship. 

Business Thank You!

These business Thank You baskets are flip top wicker filled baskets with our customers favorites and customized as per our customers request.

Little Girl Birthday

Our customized gift below is a super great gift for a little girl Miranda. This cup is filled with treats like a nail file, cream, chap stick, body spray with balloon and Glitzy the purple frog. It's a pleasure to put a smile on you and your recipients face. 

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