The Gourmet Treat Collection is just that! A "Best Seller" this delicious mix of gourmet treats that have been hand-selected for everyone to enjoy! It is a wonderfully put-together gift that has something for everyone! It is a beautiful large reusable basket, with Focaccia crisps, Bruchetta, Sausage stick, Snack mix, Brie Cheese, water crackers, caramel popcorn, roasted peanuts, chocolate cookies, chocolate covered almonds,
praline peanuts, Pirouline chocolate wafers, Wine & Cheese Biscuits, cookies, chocolates, caramels, biscotti, candy, butter pretzels, and so much more! This gift comes beautifully wrapped in shrink wrap with a notecard and a beautiful handmade bow. You can select different colors in the dropdown. This gift will be enjoyed by all!
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Gourmet Treat Collection

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Allow us to present the epitome of culinary indulgence—the Gourmet Treat Collection, a veritable masterpiece! Revered as a "Best Seller," this carefully curated assortment of gourmet delights is a symphony for the taste buds. Meticulously hand-picked to cater to diverse palates, it embodies the epitome of sophistication and delight.

Encased in an opulent, generously sized, reusable basket, it boasts an exquisite array: Focaccia crisps, Bruschetta, a savory Sausage stick, a medley of snack mix, Brie Cheese, delicate water crackers, delectable caramel popcorn, perfectly roasted peanuts, chocolate cookies, luscious chocolate-covered almonds, praline peanuts, Pirouline chocolate wafers, and the refined notes of Wine & Cheese Biscuits. A banquet for the senses, further enhanced by an ensemble of cookies, chocolates, caramels, biscotti, candy, and butter pretzels.

This opulent offering is impeccably adorned in shrink wrap, accompanied by a tastefully designed notecard, and adorned with an intricately crafted handmade bow. Select from a palette of colors in the dropdown to accentuate the presentation. Rest assured, this gift promises a universal delight, a sublime celebration of taste and elegance.



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