Sending Sunshine Your Way ~ is a "Best Seller!" this perfect gift can brighten someone's day! It is filled with delicious treats to eat and treats to pamper. It is a Large 11" x 6" x 8". We make this gift for those special moms, dads, nanas, new moms, get well soon, or for anyone you want to make smile. We've included: Bath & Body products such as bath wash, body cream, or body spray, a soft hair band or regular-size exfoliating body sponge, a large-size hand-wrapped artisanal soap,
In the photos, there is a smile face box, vintage red truck box, and flower box and we also carry black and several other colors.  Feel free to inquire within about our color choices.
Tuscan crisps, toffee peanut snack, cookies, cheese spread, chocolates, candy and so much more! This gift comes beautifully wrapped in shrink wrap with a beautiful handmade bow and notecard. This gift can be customized by size, color, and product content for men or women. In the photos, you will see a smile face box, vintage red truck box, and flower box and we also carry black and several other colors.

Sending Sunshine Your Way 🌞

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Shining Rays of Happiness Await! 🌞 Our "Best Seller!" gift is here to sprinkle joy like confetti! Bursting with scrumptious nibbles and pampering surprises, it's a generous 11" x 6" x 8" box of wonders. Picture this: it's tailor-made for those amazing moms, doting nanas, glowing new moms, on-the-mend warriors, or simply anyone you'd love to see grin from ear to ear! 🎁

Unveiling a treasure trove of delights: bath & body buddies like bubbly bathwash, creamy body love, or body spray magic. A cuddly hair band or a spa-grade body sponge, a lusciously hand-wrapped soap, Tuscan crisps, peanut toffee delights, cookies that taste like happiness, cheese that spreads giggles, chocolates that scream "yum!", candies that wink at your sweet tooth, and oh-so-much more! πŸ›πŸͺ🍫

The magic doesn't stop thereβ€”this fabulous gift is elegantly shrink-wrapped, crowned with a handmade bow that's like a cherry on top, and accompanied by a notecard that'll make hearts dance. Ship this bundle of joy to your cherished ones, letting them dive into a world of both delectable and indulgent treats! πŸ˜Šβœ‰οΈ



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