Welcome to Our Home" is a "BEST SELLER!" This beautiful handmade door or wall decor is made of real pine wood. This piece has been sanded and stained to bring out the true beauty of the wood. It has a white permanent vinyl quote, and silk flowers with a matching beautiful handmade bow. The decorative three-strand hanging rope has guides to prevent sliding and cork protectors are on the back of this decor to protect your wall or door.
This beautiful piece may be customized with a different color of wood stain or paint. Quotes, monograms, the color of silk flowers, and bow colors may be customized also. These pieces are handmade by us.   There are too many colors to list. This piece is hand sealed with a matte finish several times. This piece cannot be left out in the rain. It measures 19"D x 3/4" thick. The photos show two different bow colors that have been custom-made for customers. We can ship this item in one to two weeks.

Welcome to Our Home 🏑🌟

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Step into a world of warmth and charm with our highly acclaimed "BEST SELLER" - a beautiful handmade door or wall decor, meticulously crafted from real pine wood. Each piece is a testament to the natural beauty of wood, carefully sanded and stained to bring out its true, timeless elegance.

Embellished with a white permanent vinyl quote and adorned with delicate silk flowers, accompanied by a matching handmade bow, this decor is a true feast for the eyes. We've taken every detail into account, from the decorative three-strand hanging rope with anti-slide guides to the cork protectors on the back, ensuring a seamless fit on your chosen wall or door.

Customization is our forte! You can personalize this stunning piece by selecting a different wood stain or paint color, tailoring quotes, monograms, and even the hues of silk flowers and bow to match your unique style and preferences. Our pieces, all lovingly handmade by us, offer a plethora of color options to suit your taste.

To guarantee durability and a lasting appeal, this masterpiece is hand-sealed with a matte finish, ensuring its longevity while radiating a timeless allure. Please cherish this creation by not exposing it to rain, as its design will be preserved under a protected porch or in an indoor area

Measuring 19" in diameter and 3/4" thick, this piece is a true embodiment of artistry and craftsmanship. The accompanying photos showcase just a glimpse of the countless custom possibilities, including a range of bow colors we've tailored for our delighted customers.

Allow us to pamper you with exceptional service! We can ship this item within one to two weeks, ensuring it reaches you in perfect time. Our beautifully handmade hanging decor isn't just a pieceβ€”it's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year! Place this exquisite welcome sign on your door or send it as a thoughtful gift for the perfect WELCOME! 🏑



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