Welcome Wreath is a beautifully handmade wreath with silks, berries, pinecones, a handmade welcome sash made of fabric and printed vinyl, and a beautiful bow on an approximately 24" oval grapevine wreath. This wreath says welcome to all your guests and would look great on any door or wall as decor. Grapevine wreaths are all different in sizes therefore if ordering by two for a double door we will do our best to get them as close as possible in size. We can deliver locally and ship.
If Shipping please contact us so we can get the best shipping rate available. This wreath can take 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.  Chat with us on our website or call/text us at 704.526.7407. Don’t have time to chat….email us at perfectselectioncreativegifts@gmail.com and we can assist you with your order. Say Welcome to all your guests with this beautifully handmade wreath!

Welcome Wreath

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Step into a world of rustic elegance with our stunning 24-inch Grapevine Welcome Wreath, a mesmerizing blend of charm and sophistication. This exquisite wreath is embellished with a captivating handmade Buffalo print Sache, graciously welcoming all who approach. Adorned with opulent burgundy silk flowers, lush greens, vibrant berries, and charming pine cones, the wreath showcases nature's finest hues in a harmonious dance of color and texture. The crowning glory is a meticulously crafted handmade bow, adding a touch of artistry and personal flair to the overall masterpiece. Hang this enchanting creation on your door or wall and experience the warm embrace of a wreath that beautifully blends the charm of the outdoors with the elegance of handcrafted artistry. A truly mesmerizing gift for anyone seeking to infuse their space with natural splendor and a heartfelt welcome. Our handmade products can take 1 - 2 weeks for delivery. Say Welcome to all your guests with this beautifully handmade wreath!



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