About Us

Perfect Selection Creative Gifts came about when Virginia Luttrell, a stay at home mom with three children, wanted to continue staying at home. Virginia comes from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners with over 40 years of restaurant experience. Virginia had been a Registered Dental Assistant over 20 years and loved that time in her career. Her family grew to include three beautiful children and as she became a mom this was more of a passion for her. Being blessed with children she decided each child deserved as much attention as she could possibly give them so her craft played a part in her next endeavor. Virginia's love for designing and crafting allowed her to become proficient at creating beautiful things. She has designed many beautiful things for numerous family members and friends and gifts for all occasions including gift baskets. The next logical step was to create Perfect Selection Creative Gifts LLC and share her talents. Gift baskets served many wonderful purposes which include:
Personal Gifts for All Occasions
Thank You Gifts
Corporate Events
Closing Gifts
Business Gifts and Many More... 
Perfect Selection Creative Gifts offers a wide variety of sizes, colors and prices.
    Virginia and her staff customize and design each and every basket and gift with attention to detail. She values your time and wants your recipient to know how much care and attention you have put in selecting their gift. Each gift basket or gift will be wrapped in a clear cello wrap, gift card and a beautiful handmade bow. When designing custom gift baskets and gifts please allow 5 - 7 business days. We commit to serving you so that your recipient and you will be pleased. We save you the time and worry by doing the footwork for you. We aim to please you and your gift recipient. Perfect Selection Creative Gifts is a sole proprietor.


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