There is nothing more luxurious than a new set of plush towels, bath soap, and body cream to give as a special gift! "BEST SELLER!" A perfect gift for a new home, new apartment, engagement, wedding, college student, or for a special someone! Your recipient will enjoy this gift for months to come! These beautiful light slate gray towels complement any bathroom. This solid towel set made of terry cotton construction feels soft against your skin and highly absorbent to help dry off quickly.
Your gift comes with Plush cotton towels. Two Bath Towels, Two Hand Towels, Two Wash Towels, A Beautiful Large Reusable Basket, Weaved Hamper or Flip Top Box, a Large Luxury Soap Bar, Body Cream, and a hand selection of sweet and savory treats. We can customize your gift by color, and size. We can also add accent colors by mixing two colors into a set. *Basket in the photo is no longer available.
We will design your gift in a basket, a large corded hamper, or a flip-top box (see photos of what your container may look like).  Your gift will come beautifully wrapped in a cello, with a notecard and a beautiful handmade bow. Due to all the different colors available, we have only listed a few so feel free to chat with us or enter a color of your choice in notes along with your notecard message and we will do our best to get that color.
Chat with us here on our website or call, text, or email us and we will gladly assist you! Make a long-lasting impression by sending your special someone the gift that wraps them in luxury! Our colors are black, white, navy, violet, rose which is a soft pink, gray, beige or taupe and so many more. Just let us know which color you would prefer in your special gift!
Our variety of wicker baskets are also in different colors and we will gladly assist you with colors and size.
Listed we have black, white, rose, navy blue, tan/beige, slate gray, and violet. In the drop down you may choose from these colors or chat with us if you would prefer a color not shown.
We also have a selection of containers available.
Here is our large weaved basket!
This container is our Weaved hamper which is a soft corded weaved hamper. It is softer than a basket.

Over the Moon....Towel Basket 🛁🌙

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Our beautiful Over the Moon...Towel Gift Basket will allow your gift recipient to indulge in the epitome of opulence with a fresh ensemble of plush towels, accompanied by exquisite bath soap and sumptuous body cream, making for an exceptional gift choice. This distinguished offering stands as a "BEST SELLER," a testament to its universal appeal. An impeccable present for an array of occasions including new residences, engagements, weddings, or as a thoughtful gesture for college scholars and cherished individuals alike. Anticipate enduring appreciation from the recipient, as this gift promises prolonged enjoyment. 🛁

The resplendent light slate gray towels possess an innate elegance that seamlessly harmonizes with any bathroom decor. Crafted from superior terry cotton, these towels provide a gentle caress against the skin while offering remarkable absorbency for swift drying. The assortment includes two Bath Towels, two Hand Towels, and two Wash Towels, meticulously presented within a striking Large Reusable Basket, a Weaved Hamper, or a Flip Top Box, enhancing the allure of the ensemble. Complementing this array are Plush cotton towels, a generous Luxury Soap Bar, Body Cream, and a carefully curated selection of delectable sweet and savory treats.

Personalization options abound, as the color and size of the gift can be tailored to meet specific preferences. For a truly bespoke touch, accent colors can be incorporated, allowing for the fusion of two hues within the set. While the depicted basket is regrettably no longer available, rest assured that your gift presentation will be artfully arranged within a Large Corded Hamper, a Flip-Top Box, or a basket designed to mirror the illustrated options. 

Your gift will arrive impeccably adorned, enveloped in cellophane, accompanied by an eloquent notecard, and crowned with an exquisite handmade bow. Although our color selections are limited in the listing, we welcome your creative input. Feel free to engage in conversation through our website's chat feature, or alternatively, reach out to us via phone, text, or email, and we will be delighted to offer our dedicated assistance.

Elevate your gesture to a realm of enduring significance by bestowing upon your esteemed recipient a gift that encapsulates the essence of luxury. 🛁🌙



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