Our Bridal Proposal Box is a customized gift for our bride to give to her bridesmaids and matron/maid of honor. This bride chose this box and we customized it as per her request. We can customize and design these gifts by color choice, size, and price point

Bridal Proposal Boxes 💍 🌹✨

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🌹✨💍 Our Bridal Proposal Boxes: An Exquisite Gesture of Affection 

Embrace the art of thoughtful gifting with our Bridal Proposal Boxes, an epitome of customized elegance tailored for the discerning bride and her cherished bridesmaids and matron/maid of honor. This particular bride, with a vision as unique as her love story, chose this box as the canvas for her heartfelt gestures. 🥂💌

Customization knows no bounds in our realm; each element is meticulously crafted to align with your desires. Color palettes, sizes, and price points bow to your wishes. Within this finely curated offering, discover the tender sentiment of a "Would You Be My Bridesmaid?" proposal, encapsulated by a Heart Shaped Bottle Topper, Bridesmaid Glass, and an eloquent Candle. Picture Frame, Beautiful Earrings, a Nail Base Coat, and Polish are gentle strokes that enhance the canvas of this experience. 🥂

As every love story is unique, so are our offerings. Engage in a delightful conversation with us through our website, or reach out via call, text, or email. Allow us the privilege of enriching your journey as we pamper your wedding party. And remember, grooms and their parties are not excluded from this haven of bespoke gifting. Let love and elegance intertwine seamlessly. 🌹✨



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