Our Bride & Groom-to-be tumblers make the perfect gift for any future couple. These 20-ounce tumblers will keep their drinks hot/cold for hours. These particular cups are handmade with photos provided by our customer, vinyl, extra fine glitter on the brides' cup, grooms cup hand-painted, and epoxy on both. These cups come with closable lids. We can personalize and design these tumblers any way you like. We can add monograms, names, sayings, etc.
We can design by color, size, and your preference of personalization. All ink and vinyl are sealed with layers of FDA-approved, food-safe Epoxy. With curing time needed these can not be rushed. These take 1-2 weeks. Cancellations can only be made if they are on the same business day as the initial order contact us if you have any problems with your order. Chat with us here on our website or call, text, email us and we will gladly assist you at 704.526.7407 or perfectselectioncreativegifts@gmail.com.

Bride & Groom to be... 🎉 💍

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🎉💍 Get ready to celebrate love with our adorable Bride and groom-to-be tumblers! These cool 20-ounce tumblers are like a hug for your drinks - they keep 'em hot or cold for a long time! ☕🥤These make the perfect gift for engaged couples, wedding gifts, and anniversary gifts. Check out our tumbler collection for more!

Guess what? They're not just regular cups; they're like a mini art project! We use cool pictures provided by you, stick on some cool vinyl, add extra sparkles to the bride's cup, and paint the groom's cup by hand. Then we lock it all in with a special coating so it lasts forever. And yeah, they come with lids to keep spills away! 🎨✨

Want it your way? You got it! Monograms, names, funny sayings - we can put whatever you want on these tumblers. And we've got a bunch of colors and sizes to pick from. Oh, and we need a bit of time to make sure it's perfect - around 1-2 weeks. Ready to make your sips extra special? Let's get this creative tumbler party started! 🎉🖌️

* WASHING INSTRUCTIONS For the best and long-lasting quality of the tumbler, handwash only with mild soap and water. Do not put it in the dishwasher, and do not scrub or soak the tumbler. Air dry only. Do not freeze or microwave your tumbler. Do not use abrasives or chemicals to wash. Do not leave in extreme heat. 

Our goal is to send out top-quality merchandise. We hold ourselves up with high integrity when it comes to our merchandise. Each item is carefully made by hand, and quality is assured before packing. 

** Cancellations can only be made if they are on the same business day as the initial order contact us if you have any problems with your order. These tumblers may be delivered locally or shipped. If you do not see a size you need give us ample time and we will do our best to fulfill your orders. Chat with us here on our website, call/text, or email us and we will gladly assist you! 

We can add these tumblers to other gifts and gift baskets. Your gift will come wrapped with a note card and bow. Please tell us what you would like on the note at checkout or simply call us for your order. Let us create your perfect gift for your special someone!



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