Flower Box of Treats! This gift box measures 11" x 6" x 7.5" and is full of treats to say Thank you, a business gift, a realtor gift, a great gift for a new mother-to-be, Mother's Day, nana, Grandparents Day, Father's day, or that special someone you want to send an enjoyable treat to. It includes caramel popcorn, Mojito drink mix (you can add seltzer or spirits) coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, cheese straws, or crackers, cookies, chocolate-covered almonds, butter toffee pretzels,
a variety of chocolates, cheese spread, hard candy, or mints, and more! We wrap your gift in cello, with a notecard and a beautiful handmade bow.   If you are looking for a business gift, thank you gift, realtor gift, or multiple gifts we can accommodate you and customize gifts according to your preferences. We have a various selection of containers to choose from.
Feel free to reach out to us here on our website or call, text, or email us and we will gladly assist you at 704.526.7407 or perfectselectioncreativegifts@gmail.com. What a great way to brighten someone's day!
This adorable yellow smile face box is the perfect box to wrap as a gift for anyone! It measures 10" x 6" x 7.5".
We can get a variety of basket boxes. For corporate or personal gift giving. When ordering in large quantities please allow us ample time to order your specific style. We may customize these gifts by container and contents.

Flower Box of Treats! 🌸

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"Drumroll, please! 🥁 Presenting our 'Flower Box of Treats,' a treasure chest of awesomeness! 🌸 This isn't just any gift box; it's a meticulously curated masterpiece, designed to sprinkle joy on anyone worthy of a delightful treat—be it corporate heroes, fabulous realtors, super moms on Mother's Day, new parents, grand folks, or basically anyone who deserves a high-five for being amazing!

Prepare for a taste bud party! This opulent box is packed to the brim with an assortment of treats that'll make hearts flutter: caramel popcorn for that sweet crunch, a delightful drink mix for sipping paradise, cheese straws for that cheesy goodness, cookies for a dose of sweetness, chocolate-covered nuts for that nutty love, butter toffee pretzels for the ultimate snack attack, a variety of chocolates to keep the surprises coming, cheese spread because who doesn't love cheese, and hey, even more mouthwatering surprises that'll make jaws drop!

Each gift is wrapped with love in tasteful cello, paired with a charming notecard filled with your heartfelt message, and a bow so stunning, it's basically gift-wrapping royalty!

Got a special request? We're the masters of customization! Let us know your desires, and we'll make it happen to ensure your hits home. 🌸 

Take your pick from our fabulous gift boxes, drop us a message for the notecard, and let's spread joy with our Flower Box of Treats to your special someone! 🌟✨"



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