New Gift! Our stuffie Avocado is all the rage! This cutie will knock your Valentine off their feet! We have hand-selected delicious treats for this Valentine's Day gift! Our market tray comes with peanut brittle, caramel popcorn, raspberry cookies, a cosmo drink mix, a margarita drink mix, a plastic shaker filled with chocolate kisses, a balloon, and more! This gift will come wrapped in shrink wrap with a notecard and a beautiful handmade bow.
Please let us know in your notes what you would like written on your card.  We can ship this gift nationwide.  Your Valentine will be beyond pleased to receive these hand-selected gift items. We can customize this gift for you, by adding different things and making suggestions.
Chat with us on our website or call/text, or email us and we will gladly assist you at 704-526-7407 or Let us send your special Valentine a gift that keeps on giving! (Decorative items on display are not included but may be purchased.)

Let's AVO Cuddle... πŸ₯‘πŸ’˜

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πŸ₯‘ πŸŽ‰ Get ready to guac 'n roll with our trendsetting Avocado stuffie! This adorable cutie isn't just any old fruitβ€”it's the ultimate Valentine's knockout! πŸ₯‘ πŸ’˜

We've curated a smashing assortment of treats fit for the occasion! Picture this: a market tray overflowing with peanut brittle, caramel popcorn, raspberry cookies (yum!), not one but TWO drink mixes (Cosmo and margarita, because why settle for one party?), chocolate kisses (a sweet surprise!), a balloon for that extra pop of fun, and oh-so-much more!

This sensational gift comes snugly wrapped in shrink wrap, complete with a notecard bursting with your personalized affection and a bow so stunning, that Cupid might ask for gifting tips!

And guess what? We've got a knack for customizing! Want to spice things up, switch treats around, or add your personal flair? Say the word, and we'll make it happen!

Shipping nationwide because love knows no bounds! Chat with us on our website, or dial, text, or email us at 704-526-7407 or Let's make this Valentine's Day an avocado-mazing celebration that keeps on giving! (And oh, those fancy decorative items? They're up for grabs tooβ€”just saying!Β πŸ₯‘ πŸ’˜



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