"Pasta Amore... Let's Dine In!" What’s more romantic than sharing and eating sweet and savory treats with the one you love? This large Italian dinner gift basket is filled with a host of the most delicious Italian specialty gifts we have artfully arranged for you. Included: Large 5qt. Stainless Steel Colander or gift basket, Two Regular Size Decorative Kitchen Towels, Artisan Gourmet Tagliatelle Pasta, Italian Herb Breadsticks, Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouline Wafers, Brie Cheese Spread & so much more...

"Pasta Amore...Let's Dine In!" 🍝 ❤️

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"Pasta Amore, let's turn dining into a love-filled extravaganza! 🍝❤️ Because what spells romance better than twirling noodles and indulging in scrumptious treats with your amore?

Picture this: a massive Italian dinner gift basket bursting with the most delectable specialty treats—our cupid-approved collection just for you two lovebirds!

Let's unpack this feast of love: a large 5-quart Stainless Steel Colander or a gift basket (because the presentation is everything), two regular-sized decorative kitchen towels to add that dash of charm, artisan gourmet pasta for that authentic Italiano feel, Italian herb breadsticks to dip and munch, chocolate Pirouline wafers for that sweet twist, Brie cheese spread for that luxurious bite, Focaccia crisps for a delightful crunch, Italian salami stick for the ultimate savory moment, Cucina & Amore Pesto Alla Genovese Sauce for a flavor explosion, a cheese spreader for the perfect smear, green Spanish olives for that zesty kick, snack mix for nibbling, double chocolate meltaways for dessert dreams, Guylian Belgian chocolates for a touch of sophistication, an array of chocolates because, well, more chocolate equals more love—plus, a treasure trove of more surprises!

For those local deliveries, we can even sneak in an adult beverage to spice things up!

Your gift will arrive wrapped in cello, sporting a card bursting with your affectionate words, and a bow that's basically a love hug in ribbon form!❤️

Nationwide shipping? Absolutely! Let's chat on our website or buzz us at 704-526-7407 or perfectselectioncreativegifts@gmail.com. Let's cook up some quality time together with a dash of love and a sprinkle of pasta magic! 🌟🍷✨



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