Back to School wreath would be a beautiful decoration for any classroom door/wall or teacher's house. This wreath is decorated for a New or Returning Teacher. The plaque reads:  A Great  TEACHER  takes a hand  opens a mind  AND TOUCHES A  HEART  It is approx. 34” in diameter decorated with assorted ribbon and school supplies such as pencils, scissors, erasers, and rulers. This may be shipped nationwide. Please allow 2 weeks for orders to go out. This wreath would make any teacher feel special! 

ğŸŽâœï¸ Teachers Wreath in School Wreath 🚪📚

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ğŸŽâœï¸ Get ready to welcome the school year in style with our Back to School Wreath – the ultimate decoration for every teacher's door, wall, or even home sweet home! 🏫 This wreath isn't just a wreath; it's a celebration for both new and returning teachers, shouting the mantra of a fantastic educator:

A Great
takes a hand
opens a mind

Imagine a wreath that's approximately 34 inches in diameter, decked out in a party of assorted ribbons and adorned with school supplies like pencils, scissors, erasers, and rulers – because every tool in a teacher's arsenal deserves a little spotlight! ✂️📏

Nationwide shipping? Absolutely! But, here's the catch – this handmade masterpiece takes a bit of magic to create, so give us 2 weeks, and we'll have it on its way to you. 🚪📚

This isn't just a wreath; it's a daily dose of inspiration for every teacher who lays eyes on it. 🌈🍏 Make your favorite educator feel extra special with this Back to School Wreath – because teaching is a work of heart! ğŸŽ‰



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