Mr. Exclusive Bookworm ... is the sweetest door/wall hanging decor! He measures approximately 30" long and is made of green mesh, a selection of colorful ribbons, a handmade face of googly eyes with pipe cleaner eyeglasses, and a pom-pom nose makes this decor just adorable! This decor is the perfect gift for any teacher because Mr. Exclusive Bookworm ... puts a smile on everyone's face! These door/wall decors take 1 -2 weeks.

📚🚪 Mr. Exclusive Bookworm ... 🐛 😍

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📚🚪 Meet Mr. Exclusive Bookworm – the literary legend who's not just a door or wall decor; he's a page-turning masterpiece! ğŸŽ¨âœ¨ Crafted with love, Mr. Exclusive Bookworm spans about 36 inches of pure bookish charm.

Draped in green mesh and adorned with a riot of colorful ribbons, this guy is not your average decor – he's a literary luminary with googly eyes, pipe cleaner eyeglasses, and a pom-pom nose that screams adorableness! 😍🐛

Why is he so special, you ask? Because Mr. Exclusive Bookworm is the perfect gift, especially for teachers who appreciate the magic of a good book. He's here to put a smile on everyone's face and infuse a dose of whimsy into any space!

Ready to welcome this charming bookworm into your world? These door/wall decors are handmade with care and take 1-2 weeks, ensuring that each one is a unique masterpiece. 🌈🕰️

Snag Mr. Exclusive Bookworm now and let the literary magic unfold! 🚪📖✨ 



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