The World Traveler is one of our "BEST SELLERS!" A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys traveling or likes to collect memorabilia of their travels. These quaint flip-top boxes are great for keeping photos and precious trinkets in them. It's a box of sweet and savory treats we can add that special bottle of wine to. This gift is perfect for anyone to enjoy!
 Included Tuscan Crisps, Gourmet Cheese Spread, Artisan Cheese Straws, Butter Flavored Pretzels, Meat Stick, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Pirouline Rolled Chocolate Wafers, a Cheese Knife, a Variety of Chocolates, A Bottle of Wine, (red or white) and so much more! This gift cannot be shipped but can be made without wine and add extra treats.
 Please make your selection in the dropdown if you would prefer a white/red wine or No wine.  Your gift will come wrapped in shrink wrap with a notecard and a beautiful handmade bow! We also carry a variety of flip-top boxes and baskets. Let us do all the leg work for you and allow them to enjoy their travels!
Please contact us for our large variety of flip top boxes, basket and containers. Chat with us on our online store here or call / text us at 704-526-7407. Don't have time to chat feel free to email us at and let us make your travelers trip a great one!

The World Traveler ✈️ 🌟

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"The World Traveler" gift basket is here, and it's basically the ultimate "Adventure Awaits" package! This bad boy is so awesome, it's practically got its own passport stamped with "Best Seller" status. And let me tell you, it's not just a gift; it's a ticket to joy for anyone who's all about exploring or hoarding travel memories in style. Buckle up, because this is a wild ride!

This gift isn't just for travelers; it's for anyone with a heart that loves deliciousness. Let's take a peek at what's hidden in these flip-top magic boxes: Tuscan Crisps, Gourmet Cheese Spread, Artisan Cheese Straws, Butter Flavored Pretzels, a Meat Stick, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Chocolate Cookies, a Cheese Knife, a Variety of Chocolates that are basically a chocolate symphony, and the pièce de résistance—an optional Bottle of Wine (red or white) to make your taste buds tango like they're in Spain.

Now, for the twist: if the wine isn't your jam, fret not! We can give you extra treats instead. Just pick your pleasure from the dropdown menu *(We do not ship wine). This gift is like a masterpiece wrapped in shrink wrap, with a notecard, and topped with a bow that's basically a work of art. So let us handle the legwork while you get ready to be crowned the official provider of joy and deliciousness. Bon voyage, taste buds! ✈️🍷🍫


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